Socio-Cognitive Translation Studies: Processes and Networks

Translators are constantly confronted with new cognitive, social and technological challenges. Accordingly, our research centres on translators in their current work settings, be they organisations, freelance translation networks or non-professional virtual contexts.

In particular, we study the changes that are currently affecting translation work contexts, especially those relating to the increasing heterogeneity of translation tasks and work processes, new forms of cooperation and the rapid technological change. A crucial aspect thereby is our critical reflection on the consequences of these changes with regard to the opportunities for action and decision processes of the people involved.

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Guest Contribution in "uni:view Magazine"


Guest Contribution for "Der Standard"


In this semester, the research group was again part of the MEi:CogSci Cognitive Science Lecture Series offered by the University of Vienna in the...


The socotrans group celebrated the End of the Year by successfully beating an Escape Room challenge. We wish all the best for a joyful and successful...


Talk by Hanna Risku: Responsibility, powerlessness and conflict: An ethnographic case study of boundary management in translation

On November 13th, 2019 Hanna Risku will hold a talk on "Responsibility, powerlessness and conflict: An ethnographic case study of boundary management...



On September 10th, 2019, Hanna Risku gave a talk at the EST Congress 2019 in Stellenbosch (ZAF). The topic of the talk was Responsibility,...

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