29 MA theses related to translation expertise


Linking research and teaching: Hanna Risku has supervised nearly 30 master's theses in relation to the FWF funded "Retrex" research project.

In order to foster the connection between research and teaching, since last year master's students at the Centre for Translation Studies at the University of Vienna have had the opportunity to make relevant contributions to current research questions. Within the framework of the FWF project "Translational Expertise: A workplace study" and its dissemination strategy, almost 30 students have so far taken advantage of this opportunity and chosen a topic for their master's thesis in the broad field of translation expertise.

Five theses have already been completed and deal with the following topics:

  • The status of translators on the labour market in the Republic of Serbia
  • Interpersonal Communication at the centre of translation expertise acquisition in translation studies master's programmes
  • Directionality and the translators of tomorrow: The mother tongue principle from the perspective of translation studies students
  • Relevance and influence of networks on career entry in the field of translation
  • Lecture on video game localisation in the context of a translation studies master's programme: study objectives, competences and methods

24 other theses are still in progress. Their working titles are as follows:

  • The online research behaviour of prospective translators
  • Ergonomics and mental health among translators
  • Personal and interpersonal skills
  • Long-term motivation of fan translators of manga
  • Influence of cultural ties on promotional translation
  • Creativity as an aspect of translation expertise
  • The educational background of translators
  • Indie Game Localisation
  • Vendors in ISO-certified translation agencies
  • Attitudes of graduates of the Translation master's programme from Vienna and Zagreb
  • (Self) perception of expertise
  • Workflow in subtitling projects
  • Feedback in translation study programs
  • Expertise, adaptability and digital literacy
  • Translation competence among project managers in translation agencies
  • Interpretation and necessity of translation competences and expertise in today's professional world
  • Competences and strategies of legal translators
  • Understanding the source text in technical translation
  • The influence of translation technologies on the technical translation process. An ethnographic study
  • Influences of multilingualism on the translation process(es) from the perspective of those who grew up bilingually and monolingually
  • The role and tasks of translators in refugee reception: A quantitative study using Austria-Ukraine as a case study
  • Strategies for translating image-sensitive texts in international corporate communication on social media
  • Perceptions of translators' expertise in diplomatic missions
  • The perception of translation expertise by students of technical sciences