New open access article on translation expertise


Daniela Schlager & Hanna Risku: "Contextualising translation expertise: Lived practice and social construction"

Translation expertise has been discussed intensely in (cognitive) translation studies. Most research has been conducted in laboratory settings, attempting to discern the differences between experienced translators and lesser experienced translators. This has resulted in valuable, yet limited insights. We argue for the need to complement the picture with a broader perspective on translation expertise and to further investigate it in its authentic dynamic contexts, be they workplaces or other fields of practice. This implies seeing expertise as situated and performative, emerging from the interaction of social actors with their social and material environments. Emphasis is placed on the social, discursive construction of expertise and on the emic perspectives of the community being studied.

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Schlager, Daniela & Risku, Hanna (2023). Contextualising translation expertise: Lived practice and social construction. Translation, Cognition & Behavior 6 (2), 231–252.