RETREX Analysis Retreat: Digging deeper into the data


12–15 April 2024

Reichenau an der Rax

After successfully collecting and coding all the project data, Antonia Baumann, Hanna Risku, Regina Rogl, Daniela Schlager and Anna Sourdille from the Socotrans team were looking for some peace and quiet in the so-called "Viennese Alps" to delve deeper into the data set of the FWF research project Rethinking Translation Expertise: A Workplace Study (RETREX).

During an Analysis Retreat in Reichenau an der Rax, Lower Austria, from 12 to 15 April, the research group was also able to gather many new ideas for future publications. On the day off, there was time to relax in the beautiful hotel park and go hiking.

Project publications to date:

Baumann, Antonia (2024). Exploring ethnographic research as a team: Considerations and challenges. Norway in Translation (NiT). University of Agder. Accessible via:

Baumann, Antonia; Pasterk, Kerstin; Risku, Hanna; Rogl, Regina; Schlager, Daniela & Sourdille, Anna (2023). But what about the emic perspective? An ethnographic approach to investigating translation expertise. EST Newsletter, November 2023, 6. Accessible via:

Rogl, Regina; Schlager, Daniela & Risku, Hanna (submitted). Searching and researching the field of translation and interpreting. In: Rogl, Regina; Schlager, Daniela & Risku, Hanna (eds.): Field Research on Translation and Interpreting.

Schlager, Daniela & Risku, Hanna (2023). Contextualising translation expertise: Lived practice and social construction. Translation, Cognition & Behavior 6 (2), 231–252. Accessible via:

Schlager, Daniela & Risku, Hanna (accepted). What does it take to be a good inhouse translator? Constructions of expertise in the workplace. JoSTrans.